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The More You Know - The More You Grow!

Learning new things gives us a feeling of accomplishment. This builds confidence in validating our knowledge and capabilities. Only then can we take on new challenges and explore great adventures. Acquiring new skills will unfold new opportunities and help you find innovative solutions to problems.


Our Recent Videos

Clint Arthur Interview on "The Science Labs"

Linda explains to Clint Arthur  the premise behind the Science Labs. She talks about Curiosity and Eddie and how this monthly membership will enhance a child's life with these tools and resources.

The Science Labs New Book Trailer on Youtube

Curiosity and Eddie, the Science Labs, learn science from their teachers and have adventures with friends in a year-long monthly program. It includes a discovery kit, illustrated books, and activity sheets.

Kids and Science Interview

Wonderful interview featuring both Linda and Candi speaking on the importance of cultivating curious minds with science in our younger generations, hosted by Nancy Matthews. 

The Science Labs Around and About

The SCWBEC (Suffolk County Women's Business Enterprise Coalition) Showcase is back at The Piermont in Babylon, New York.  The Science Labs shows off the latest books and lessons in the program.

The Science Labs Vendor Booth at the Dragon Boat Races on the Cooper River in South Jersey with Donna Smith. Now everyone is talking about The Science Labs learning program.

The Science Labs Introduces "What's That Smell" our 4th book in the series.

The Science Labs learning program is a perfect gift for the 4-7 year-old in your life.

Visionary, Author, and Creator of The Science Labs, Linda Fostek receives Who's Who Humanitarian Award for 2022.

We are teaching children how to think not what to think so they can be the problem solvers of tomorrow.

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