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Enhance the learning experience of the children in your program with The Science Labs 

adventure books and learning system. Everything you need to inspire the "Little Scientists" 

in your care to become the problem solvers of tomorrow.  Encourage their curiosity, fire up 

their imagination and watch them grow before your eyes.

Every child receives their own copy of each book in The Science Labs adventure series Plus the bonus book "Meet the Science Labs" which introduces you to Curiosity and Eddie and all their friends.

Every child receives their very own Pawprint Academy Discovery Kit which includes: a Child safety vest, safety goggles, specimin cups, Glovies disposable gloves for kids, magnifying glass, colored pencils w/sharpener, pawprint stamper and Observation journel.

Each book in The Science Labs adventure series comes with: Coloring pages from the stories, science lessons for beginners and more advanced learners and fun safe activities for an interactive learning experience.

Curiosity and Eddie will be sharing additional learning resources to support the lessons in the book.  Your organization will have access to a private Facebook group as well as a private webpage filled with additional ideas and support.


The Science Labs lessons are focused in four areas of learning for maximum exposure to a wide variety of topics that will both inspire thought and action and provide a greater understanding of the world.

Physical Sciences

Inspired by Albert Einstein, Doctor Al will share his insight and knowledge on all things in the physical science world.

Natural Sciences

Inspired by Jane Goodall, Professor Jane will take the children outside to explore the amazing world of the natural sciences.

Expanded Uses

George Washington Carver is the inspiration for Mr George the inventor as he looks to find new and multiple uses for things we already have.


Inspired by our very own Linda Fostek, Safety Suzanne will invite every child to be prepared and work and play with safety  in mind.

What our customers are saying

The internet is a great tool, but, nothing can replace holding a book in your hand and reading it with a child.  The engaging science lessons and activities are so much fun the children look forward to what's next.  I am so glad that my Home Schooling Group has added The Science Labs program to their curriculum.

Tallahassee Home Schooling Group

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If you are interested in getting a quote for your education program or if  you would like to create a customized program for your group or organization, please fill out the contact form and we would be happy to talk to you.

The Science Labs is an affordable option that opens young minds to the possibilities of "What If?" and "What can be?

for a lifetime of imagination, innovation, and problem solving.

Curiosity and Eddie want to know  if you are ready to emBARK on this learning journey with them. Woof! Woof!


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