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Nurturing Young Minds For a Brighter Future

Introducing the Science Labs Pawprint Academy

Thanks for stopping in! What can the Science Labs do for you and the ones you love? Give your family the gift of becoming the future problem solvers of the world. Take a look around and see the adventure that awaits you! 

Welcome To

The Science Labs

 Creating New Things Together!

We all know Children are the future. They are the ones that will continue the quest to improve our lives and solve the many problems, seen and unseen, in the world today and in the future. Younger children are taught very important skills in school including math, history, geography and reading. 

What happened to science? There are programs for older children. There are STEM programs, science programs and chemistry kits for older children. 

What is available for children ages four to seven? These are critical ages where curiosity is at its peak. Thinking and solving problems gives them the how and why! 

Looking things up on the internet doesn't show them what could be. It doesn't engage them or encourage innovation and creativity.  Don't your children and grandchildren deserve something more?

These precious Children are our future!


The Science Labs will not only instill a love for science, it will:

  • Teach your children to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

  • Teach your children to use their imagination and curiosity to see what can be.

  • Give your children the tools to think critically, analyze a problem and devise a possible solution.

  • Create an environment where children are encouraged to think for themselves.

  • Make learning new things fun.

  • Give you ideas and activities that you can share with your children.

"Woof! Thanks for Coming to Visit Us 

We've Been Waiting For You!"

"I'm Curiosity on the right! And I'm Eddie on the left! You are about to em-BARK on an exciting journey with all of our friends in tow. We will take you on a new adventure with each book and science lesson. We will become your best friends! Science is such an important part of your early learning. We will help you to understand the world around us and why things happen the way they do.  We know how inquisitive you are. Get ready to play and explore with us. Wonderful adventures are coming your way! 



Why Choose The Science LabsTM

Changes in Our Lives

Over the last decade, homeschooling and charter schools have increased in popularity. Especially in 2020 when the whole educational system was turned upside down. This shift has had challenges including lack of connectivity, technology, delivery methods and learning in a completely different way. Additional hands-on resources are needed and The Science Labscan help.

Connecting and Bonding

Attention all parents and grandparents! Did you know that you can enhance the learning experience for your children and grandchildren? Our children are precious, it takes a village and you can help. It's rewarding when you engage in your child's learning process. The Science Labs will facilitate in your connecting and grow your relationship with the new memories you will create.

An Educational and Fun Experience

Now you have the opportunity to add value to a child's learning process. The Science Labs innovative and educational program was designed just for them. Giving the gift of "learning to love learning", is a spring board to moving forward in life with skills that might not be available to them now. The fulfillment you'll receive in knowing you've facilitated this journey with education and fun is a gift that will stay with them forever. 


The best part of enhancing your child's learning experience is that The Science Labs is both affordable and fun. It's very simple to become a member and to join the PAWPRINT ACADEMY. Your child will be excitedly engaged as they look forward to receiving their personal discovery kit in the mail followed by new adventure books and science lessons in the following months. Children love to get mail, an added bonus! 

Read more on theJoin Now page to learn about all the items they will receive with their subscription. 


Are we losing our Scientific Edge? Science seems to be becoming a lost art over the past decades. Too many video games, not enough interaction, and playful learning. Remember the days of playing outside for hours on end, exploring and playing with rocks, sticks, and dirt? Today, children seem to be dissuaded from doing this in fear they will get hurt. Today's society has changed compared to long ago, however, it's up to us to keep our children grounded in the basics. Technology is wonderful, we all depend on it. Learning and exploring upfront close and personal is possible and The Science Labs is on a mission to do just this. Enjoy the journey! 

"I've known about the Science Labs from its fruition. The books, the kit, the experiments and activities should be a part of every child's life. Quality products and smart interactive learning methods."

Audrey Bernzweig-Kirwin

Port Jefferson, New York

"My grand-children are the world to me and being able to help them grow to be smarter and more inquisitive as they get older is my absolute pleasure. Thank you Science Labs for making this happen."

Kathy Casale

Lindenhurst, New York

"My children are older now, however, my nieces and nephews are loving their new Science Lab memberships. They impatiently wait on the mailman to receive their new Pawprint Academy kit. Thank you!"

Susan Capurso

Holtsville, New York

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